The dartboard that we are all familiar with is the “British Board” which has an inner bulls eye (double bull worth 50 points) and outer bulls eye (single bull worth 25 points), twenty pie shaped segments from the number 1 through 20, with the “double” band on the outside and the “triple” on the inside. A dart in the double will double the score and one in the triple will triple the score.

 The British board has been used for centuries in England and is popular worldwide.

 Another type of dartboard was developed in the Mid Atlantic and is known as the American Dart Board. This board also has twenty pie shaped sections, however, the triple ring is on the outside, with the double ring next to the triple, separated by a metal band. There is a single bulls-eye with no double bulls-eye. This board is made of Bass Wood and only Wooden Darts are allowed as heavier darts made of brass, nickel or tungsten will damage the wood board.

Set-up for the boards are a little different. From the floor to the bulls-eye is 5’8 and the throwing distance is 7’9 for the British. It is 5’3 to the center and 7’3 to the line for the American. 

 The game of American Dart Baseball has been played on this board since World War 1 and continues to be very popular in the Mid Atlantic. It is very easy to learn the game of “Baseball”, scoring is simple, it can be played by any number or players and you can play singles, doubles or team games.

Although this game is very popular on the East Coast we have never seen an American Board hung in a Pub, Tavern or Bar on the West Coast.

We will have a simple rule sheet printed out and tournament grade darts made by Widdy, Darto and Apex will be available ($6.00 set).